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Outdoor Audio Installation Includes:

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  • Unpack & inspect system components
  • Mount speakers on/in wall or patio area
  • Connect speakers to audio receiver
  • Audio level calibration
  • Clean up & dispose of any debris
  • Customer equipment demo & orientation


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Outdoor Speaker Installation

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Outdoor Audio Installation

Installing an audio system outside can provide you with hours of outdoor entertainment. Improve your pool parties, fiestas, and cookouts or enjoy gardening to the sound of your favorite music.

There are a few factors to consider before you can have the speakers installed. First, you must decide on the type of speakers you need. Choose powerful speakers for blasting the bass at pool parties or simpler speakers if you intend to listen to soothing music or radio while gardening. Second, decide whether you want the speaker to remain visible or want them camouflaged into your landscape. Third, remember that sound quality will vary depending on the location of the speakers. The same set of speakers can produce variations in your sound quality when installed in different places around the yard. The fourth point to consider is the location of your speakers. The most popular areas for installing outdoor speakers are the patio or poolside.

Audio Around the Yard

There are speakers for different areas around your house, such as the garden or patio. Certain speakers are suitable for different areas, but they all require specialized installation. One of the most difficult parts of the installation process is masking the background noise and protecting them from the elements. Our speaker installation experts can help you cut out the background noise so that you get crystal clear sound quality from your outdoor sound system, without any damage.

Poolside Speakers

Placing speakers poolside is the best way to improve your pool parties or casual swimming. Of course, it is especially important to pick speakers that are designed to withstand all your pool will throw– or splash at them. You might also consider adding sub woofers to your outdoor sound system for better quality and greater performance. You might also consider speakers that are designed to blend in with your natural landscape. There are a variety of speakers on the market that are designed to look like landscaping rocks, and are a subtle way to add surround sound to your pool.

Patio Speakers

The patio is a favorite family hangout. There are speakers specifically designed for patio installations that provide excellent sound output. They are a great choice for a quality outdoor audio experience. These speakers are designed to withstand almost any weather condition and temperature fluctuations outdoors. Not all patio speakers are created equal, that is why we recommend our professional expertise. Home Theater Gear’s personal favorite that we carry is our Sonance speakers. Part of the Sonance Cinema Series for home theaters, these audio products are famous for their sound quality.

Outdoor Audio Installation

Outdoor audio installations are more complicated than indoor installations, and should be customized to your space. A professional installation will maximize the performance of your outdoor speakers. Outdoor speakers need protection from extreme heat, UV rays, rain, snow, and dust. Our speaker installation services cover all aspects of proper speaker installation, and ensure long-lasting performance. To learn more about our reliable speaker installation services, get in touch with us today.

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