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Outdoor TV Installations

  • Pre-installation walk-through and consultation, equipment testing & inspection
  • Setup & Connect TV to existing system
  • Connect to gaming & A/V equipment
  • Mount TV to designated wall
  • Bundle wires & cables neatly
  • Post-installation clean up
  • Customer equipment demo & orientation
  • Note: Some installs involving stone
    or brick walls may be impossible to conceal wires and will be addressed during walk-through.
  • One Year Warranty on Installation*

Outdoor Install:

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TV Installation

* Installation Included in Price

Outdoor TV Installation

Exterior walls and ceilings are perfect for installing a television. Any flat surface around your house, on your deck, or by the pool can be a great spot for an outdoor TV installation. Flat TVs, like LEDs or plasmas, fit beautifully on the external walls of your home. Outdoor televisions, when strategically installed, become a focal point in the outdoor decor and create a perfect entertainment space for your family and guests.

Outdoor Surfaces for Installing Television

There are two types of surfaces to consider for mounting your outdoor TV– the wall and the ceiling. Your TV could be installed on either of these surfaces with the help of special racks and mounts. Many mounts come with swivel and incline features that make it possible to watch TV from different areas. If you choose to mount your TV from the ceiling, you can get a wider range of viewing angles. If you are a business owner, an outdoor TV installation can be a great addition to outdoor dining areas or lobbies.

Choosing an Outdoor TV

In order to enjoy watching TV outdoors, owners first need to select a television that will perform best in bright light. One important factor to consider is performance under bright light conditions. Plasma TVs can be viewed from wider angles, but are more susceptible to glare. LCD TVs are backlit, and therefore better able to compete with bright sunlight. Regardless of which TV you pick, with our installation expertise you will enjoy an excellent viewing experience.

Choosing a Spot for Your Outdoor TV

Choosing the right location for your outdoor television is very important. A large deck with comfortable seating is an ideal location for an outdoor TV. A poolside TV is another fun and popular choice. Whether you want to install the TV on the wall or hang it from the ceiling, be sure to support it with the proper mounting rack. Shop our TV mounting racks to find the perfect one for your application.

Our professional TV installers take all the decisive factors into consideration while getting your outdoor TV up and running. Besides proper handling and installation, they can give you invaluable tips to protect your TV against any type of weather, harsh sunlight, or even theft. For more information about outdoors TV installation at affordable prices, get in touch with us today.

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