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TV Installations Include

  • Pre-installation walk-through and consultation, equipment testing & inspection
  • Setup & Connect TV to existing system
  • Connect to gaming & A/V equipment
  • Mount TV to designated wall
  • Bundle wires & cables neatly
  • Post-installation clean up
  • Customer equipment demo & orientation
  • Note: Some installs involving stone
    or brick walls may be impossible to conceal wires and will be addressed during walk-through.
  • One Year Warranty on Installation*


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*Call For Pricing

Brick or Stone:

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TV Installation

* Installation Included in Price

Houston TV Installation Services

Most standard flat screen LCD and plasma TVs come with some sort of pedestal stand, which is fine if you’re just setting your TV on an entertainment center or in a cabinet, but those aren’t the only options. You may want to mount your TV directly to the wall, which is a great solution for homes with small kids, limited space or those who want a nicer look. Our TV installations are so secure that our professionals actually hang from the mount to ensure that it will not ever fall.

Mounting your TV to the ceiling is another option that most people do not consider. This is a good solution if you want to install a TV over a stone fireplace. If you don’t want to harm the beautiful stonework chimney by drilling into it and attaching a bracket, you can hang a bracket from the ceiling, directly in front of the chimney. You keep the TV in the focal point of the room, without damaging walls or chimneys.

In addition to mounting locations, there is a variety of mounting brackets available. Each is designed for various applications. Our TV installers can tell the you advantages and disadvantages of each TV mount so that you make the best decision. Calling a specialist and asking their opinion is a great idea as well since we do countless numbers of installs each year.

Tilting Wall Mount – This is similar to the flat wall mount, in that it allows you to mount your TV flat against the wall, but it has the added benefit of tilting up or down to the perfect viewing angle.

Flat Wall Mount – This is one of the most common wall mounts. It is stationary, meaning you can’t turn or angle the TV. A flat wall mount bracket is ideal for large (at least 32”) and/or heavy flat panel TVs.

Ceiling Mount – There are two versions of the ceiling mount: a hanging mount and a flat mount. You can either mount your TV flat against the ceiling, or use a hanging TV mount as an alternative to a wall mount.

Swivel Mount – This is the most versatile mounting option. It has articulating arms, which allow you to pull your TV out away from the wall and swivel it to face a different direction. Some swivel mounts also allow you to swivel it up and down, as well as left to right.

Under Cabinet Mount – This type of TV mount is idea for kitchens, where you might want to mount a TV under a cupboard. The space between kitchen cabinets and counter tops is frequently limited, so an under cabinet mount is designed mainly for small TVs, usually 8”-12”.

If you are shopping for a TV mounting bracket, be sure to get one that is compatible with your TV. It needs to work with the TV model you have, as well as accommodate the weight and size of your TV. Our TV installation specialists are happy to recommend a mounting bracket that will work in your application and fit your TV. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment: 713-550-9600

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