How to Shop for a Home Theater Sound System


Shopping for a Sound System for Easy Installation




It wouldn’t do any good to splurge on a great HDTV, projector, or projector screen just to skimp on the sound system.  While they may all seem the same, there are tons of differences in what your sound system can do for your home theater, as well as what some can’t do. You will want to make sure everything is compatible. Easy installation is key as well. Here we have gathered some of the features to consider when shopping for a home theater sound system.



  1. Wired vs. wireless – There are pro’s and con’s to each system.  The obvious one being that wireless systems do not use wires and give you the freedom to place and move speakers as you like.  However, the downside to wireless speakers is their capability of picking up other signals, such as other televisions, mobile phones, laptops, and more.  Delays or breaks in sound quality are also more likely to happen in a wireless system.  However, an expertly planned and installed wired system bypasses all of the above hazards.
  2. In-wall/In-ceiling – If you have a smaller home theater or don’t want to mess with speakers that protrude from your walls or ceiling, opt for these speakers which can be installed directly into the walls or ceilings.  They can reproduce the sound of other top speakers without having the bother of worrying about stepping over or onto them.   They are also an excellent choice if installing speakers outdoors.
  3. Surround sound system or front speakers – Although front speakers can produce impressive sound, nothing quite matches the movie theater experience like a true surround sound system.  While surround sound can be achieved with as few as three speakers, it is important to know the size and layout of your home theater before shelling out for a home theater sound system.  Which brings us to:
  4. Number of speakers – Depending on the size of your home theater, you may need only a handful.  However, larger home theaters with many seats can easily use up a dozen or more speakers.  The number of speakers also depends on if you would like to use options such as amplifiers, subwoofers, custom speakers or a sound bar.
  5. Bass shaker systems – This is one of the latest developments in home theater sound system technology.  These devices allow your seats to literally feel the bass.  Tactile transducers create low frequency waves in tandem with your films and music that can be felt from the ground up.  If you want to learn more about this amazing tech, click here.


Now that you know the basics of shopping for a home theater sound system, visit our page to learn more about surround sound systems, installation, audio racks, bass shakers, and everything else you need for an amazing home theater.



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