Line Drops

Line Drops
In this day of wireless technology, it’s amazing how many wires are still required to connect a home theater system. You’ve got power cords and HDMI cables and speaker wires, and by the time you’ve got everything plugged in, you’re left with a massive pile of cables to try to tuck out of sight.

Fortunately, there is a solution: in-wall cable installations. For example, if you are planning to install and set up a surround sound audio system, one of the big problems that will need solving is how to conceal the long speaker wire connecting the receiver to all the speakers scattered throughout the media room. There might also be other cables running between various home theater components to a projector or TV.

Our professional installation services provide in-wall wiring installations. Our experienced installers will provide a proper line drop plan, keeping in mind the construction of your media room. Generally, the simplest approach to wiring installation is to run cables to the basement or in the attic and crawl space beneath the wall.

A professional will ensure that the wiring is up to par and in keeping with your local safety requirements. Our professional line-drop services will allow you to enjoy your home entertainment system free from any complications or worries.

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